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In the FreeScore television commercials, Billy BadScore is the one bad credit score that can ruin everything –- a car loan, mortgage, even a job opportunity. Billy demonstrates the valuable lesson that one of your credit scores can be lower than the others by 100 points or more!

That’s why FreeScore gives you credit scores from all three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. We call it the Power of 3. And many of our members agree that knowing all three credit scores gives them a valuable financial advantage.

For these reasons, the FreeScore.com commercial — and the FreeScore program itself — are generating a lot of buzz in the press, on air, and in the blogosphere.

Members of the program have given high ratings to FreeScore and its valuable benefits, including:

  • Credit scores from all three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. These credit scores are free during the seven-day trial period. After the trial period, members have unlimited access to their scores whenever they want them.
  • A 24/7 credit monitoring service. FreeScore members receive e-mail alerts whenever a change occurs in their individual records at any of the three credit bureaus. If no changes occur over the course of a month, those members receive "all clear" e-mails, just to enhance their peace of mind.
  • An identity theft consultation and restoration service. Members whose identities are stolen have access to experts who can guide them through the often-complicated, time-consuming process of identity restoration.
  • Home and Auto Insurance Scores show how insurers view your credit.
  • Plus! A new Credit Score Simulator lets you see how planned financial activity can make your credit score go up or down.

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If you were to weigh the program's merits based on comments from people who've tried FreeScore, their reviews of FreeScore.com service suggest a very positive experience:

"It was very easy and it gave me all the information that I need." — Eileen, Long Beach, CA

"[FreeScore] showed me my scores, explained what they meant, and gave me the details." — Bernice, Homestead, FL

"I was able to see all three credit companies and compare with each of them. I loved it." — Adriana, South St. Paul, MN

"I am able to see what the mortgage lender saw and hopefully get it disputed and corrected." — Kassandra, Water Valley, TX

"FreeScore worked exactly as advertised... Thanks." — Jamie, New York, NY

"I received detailed, easy to understand information ..." — Jeffrey M., Mine Hill, NJ

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Is FreeScore.com FREE?

While most of the FreeScore buzz has been quite positive, some critics have said that FreeScore is a scam that doesn't even offer credit scores to its members. This criticism isn't true. FreeScore explains the terms and conditions of its program in full detail on its sign-up pages before consumers accept the free trial membership offer. And as for the absence of credit scores in the program, FreeScore recognizes that credit scores are one of the lynchpins to good credit management, and members can therefore access their Triple Credit Scores as often as they'd like.