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FreeScore puts powerful credit and identity protection tools and information at members' fingertips.

About FreeScoreSM

FreeScore is one of the country's biggest providers of credit scores and information about the consumer credit world. As a premium offer, FreeScore provides free credit scores to consumers who elect to try the program.

Since its inception in 2008, FreeScore has delivered personal credit information via its secure, online portal to hundreds of thousands of consumers across the nation. As a result, more and more individuals have access to the tools and information they need to take greater control of their financial situations.

If you've seen FreeScore commercials, you know they describe the perils of life for people who aren't familiar with their credit scores. If you haven't seen the commercial (or you simply want more information about the program), below is an overview of the benefits of

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The Benefits of the FreeScore Credit Score Service

So how does benefit its members? How does it compare against the overwhelming number of companies that offer credit scores? Let's start by reviewing the most prominent FreeScore benefits.

Credit Scores

FreeScore members can access their credit scores from all three major credit bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian — whenever they want or need them.

Members can check their credit scores when they're considering a major purchase like a home, car, or major home renovation. By checking before committing to a purchase, they can avoid being charged the higher interest rates that people with low credit scores typically receive. Because they see the same scores that potential lenders will check, members can time their purchases for when their credit scores are at their highest.

Employers can use credit scores when making hiring decisions (although some states ban this practice unless the job position is in the financial field or another sensitive area), and landlords often use them as part of the rental application process. It's therefore a good idea to check one's credit scores before deciding to change jobs or look for a new place to live, and members can check at any time.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Whenever a change occurs to a FreeScore member's file at any of the three credit bureaus, that member will receive an e-mail alert to notify him or her of the change. While the vast majority of alerts typically involve transactions or payments that the member can easily recognize, sometimes the change in a member's file could be due to some sort of credit fraud or identity theft scam. members can therefore use the credit monitoring service as an early-warning detection system for such scams.

Those are the major credit benefits provided by FreeScore: credit scores, credit monitoring and credit alerts. But there’s much more:

To begin, you have access to the FreeScore Credit Score Simulator. Using this calculator, you can enter various financial and credit plans and see how going through with them may affect your credit score.

You’ll also receive a personal Insurance Risk Score that tells how insurers view you based on your credit scores and history.

Kroll Identity Theft Consultation and Restoration Service provides FreeScore members who've been scammed by identity thieves with professional assistance in restoring their identities. This help includes combing a variety of databases for additional signs of identity theft and working with companies to restore the member's identity to its pre-theft status. Identity restoration can be a complicated, time-consuming process, but with the help of restoration professionals, members can cut through the bureaucratic mazes more quickly and more effectively than they might otherwise do on their own. The only thing a member has to do to receive this benefit is activate it before an identity theft incident occurs.

FreeScore's Locksmith Rebates offer members up to $100 a year ($25 per quarter) if they need to replace or repairs their locks. Members can simply send in their proof of purchase and a Locksmith Rebate certificate to receive their rebates. This is a complimentary benefit for FreeScore members.

The Lost Key Return Service from FreeScore provides members with individually-coded key tags that they can attach to their keychains. If the keys are lost, whoever finds them will be instructed to simply drop them in a mailbox. From there, they'll be sent to a key retrieval center, which will then contact the member and return the keys. This too is a complimentary benefit for FreeScore members.

Members can also order a complimentary Your Family Records Organizer, a CD-ROM from Kiplinger's. This handy program that allows members to record and catalog the vital information, including account numbers and locations, of family documents (like wills), property deeds, insurance policies, financial data, medical records and other important papers.

Finally, members can request a Social Security Statement through FreeScore. These statements are free of charge to every U.S. citizen, of course, but FreeScore provides members with easy access directly to the order page on the Social Security Administration website.

As you can see, FreeScore offers much more than just a credit score to its members. It's designed to help consumers take a disciplined approach to their financial behavior, their financial history — and their financial future.